Multilateral Comenius Schoolpartnership SM & CLIL:

Science, Maths and Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning (CLIL)

Project duration: 01-09-2008 – 31-08-2010

Partner Schools:

A follow up project is planned:

Multilateral Comenius Schoolpartnership SL & CLIL:

Scientific Literacy and Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning (CLIL)
In the meantime partners will stay connected via eTwinning.
“Language is a system which relates what is being talked about (content) and the means used to talk about it (expression). Linguistic content is inseparable from linguistic expression. In subject matter learning we overlook the role of language as a medium of learning and in language learning we overlook the fact that content is being communicated.”  Mohan, 1986

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